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¡Hola! My name is Margaret. I design user-centered apps.

I believe it is more important to rely on what users actually do, rather than what they say they do.

That's why I work with a user-centered approach that lets me find out which designs work best by studying real users in their context.

Web, mobile, virtual reality + videogames

Product definition, research, analysis, design, test, iterate, validate. In UX, learning is key.


My technical approach allows me to be quite autonomous and to understand the developers.


Creation of visual identity, interfaces, infographics and graphics.

What if, like me...?

  • Your ambition is make a living from your passion

    You want to work in a positive way for yourself and your loved ones.

  • You make quality products

    You provide a service that improves the quality of life of your customers with a positive impact for society.

  • You work according to your principles

    You offer a qualified, unique, dedicated service.

  • You have many different skills

    Self-taught, multi-tasking and ready to take on new challenges.

What if, in addition, you have these 3 good reasons to collaborate with me?

1. You want an intuitive app or game:

  • Research: interviews users (needs, fears, motivations, behaviours, etc.), benchmark research.
  • Analysis and design: data analysis, personas, journey maps, card sorting activity, wireframes, prototypes, tests.
  • Validation: usability testing sessions with target users, iterations.

2. You want a beautiful and easy-to-use interface

If you want to get positively noticed, that requires a lot of effort and it necessarily goes through an intuitive interface and design.

3. You need perspective on your project

My UX designer skills will help you gain empathy with your users.

The best UX designers are great communicators

Communication is a key skill in UX design. While doing good design is part of the UX process, communicating good design is just as important, because even the best concepts will fail if they are not accepted by the team and stakeholders.

That's why the best UX designers
are great communicators

I worked for 7 and a half years with a team of developers and illustrators. After this period, I worked with clients of very different profiles. My skills in HTML and CSS make me very autonomous at the technical level. On the other hand, my skills in marketing and communication allow me to understand the issues of teams of designers, developers and stakeholders.

I'd love to talk to you

It would be great to chat with you. Do not hesitate to contact me to tell me about your project, for advice or simply to ask me a question.

I'm not far from you: you can join me by Hangouts, bike, or tramway! I live in the district of Chartrons in the lovely city of Bordeaux, South France.